Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A change of plans

Justin's department chair called him yesterday to ask if he'd like to be a TA for Greek Civ this fall. This is a class Justin has wanted to teach for a while. He was scheduled to receive his normative time fellowship for completing his exams on time this fall and spring, but she said he could defer the funding for a semester to teach this class. So we decided to stay here another few months and bump back our planned trip to Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

I feel pretty good about this, not least because we hadn't, um, made any actual plans, besides buying a gazillion travel guides and talking about it a lot. I have a few more months to find Phoebe and Sabina a good home for the duration of our trip (very important). We can get some work done, and Justin's committee will be more sanguine about him gallivanting off to another hemisphere if he's gotten something written by then. Everywhere we want to visit is cheaper (if ickier) in January than in August. There are one or two weddings in Ithaca we might be able to attend, and we won't be bolting straight after my cousin's wedding in August.

Of course we're both also thinking, "If we keep putting it off, we will ever do this?" and now that Justin has persuaded me I need to go to Tunisia, I want to be there, dang it. But this also feels like the responsible, adult thing to do, and now that I'm 30 (!) maybe I should starting acting like an adult. You know?

Friday, June 03, 2005

Bodo's and the eschaton

The dispensation that began lo so many years ago back in 1993 (so Andrea, who would know, has told me) is about to end. For many years this storefront on the Corner has looked like so...

Soon, but not yet. Nobody shall know the day or the hour, etc.

But now it seems they are going to open, really and truly. The sign behind Andrea and Laura says "Hiring."

In a matter of days, or weeks at most, you will be able to get a lox and cream cheese bagel on the Corner to go with your Frappucino. I say "you" because I will not be there for the parousia, having already been raptured to the paradise that is Berkeley.