Thursday, April 19, 2007

This is what we're doing. I think.

It has been quiet here on Girl With Flat Hat, but not in real life.

Here is what has happened in the past two weeks. Justin did in fact receive official news of his acceptance to That University in Like Connecticut Or Something, the one that is not featured in Legally Blonde because hyperambitious future corporate lawyers go to That Other School while nerdy future federal court clerks and law profs go to this particular school that Justin got into, and had hoped but not quite believed he could get into. So he went there to assure them that if they made the offer, he would accept, and to check out the place where we'll probably be living, a carriage house on the property of a professor who used to work with his dad. We are welcome there but the cats are not, so I am working on alternative arrangements for probably the first year we're there. If you or anyone you know would like to borrow two cats...

But we can't move in till mid-August. Meanwhile we need to clear out the condo as soon as possible so we can sell it. (Turns out Justin was right and we shouldn't have bought it in the first place, but it was a character-building experience, or something like that.) So, for reasons that do make sense but are hard to explain, we are subletting an apartment in Ithaca for the summer (cats allowed). It's downtown, so I can walk around at seven months pregnant and not have to tackle the hills. The only difficulty with this--well, of course there are difficulties no matter what we do--is switching doctors (and possibly insurance) twice over the course of the summer. But I just managed to squeeze in my 20-week ultrasound here in Charlottesville the day our sublease in Ithaca begins, with dire warnings that if I need a follow-up ultrasound (which I assume would only be necessary if the baby is coy and won't show its naughty bits) I'm on my own.

Two weeks ago, we both thought we were staying here. The Law School Down the Street did eventually offer Justin some funding, which, taking into account the cost of living in Manhattan and the upcoming Baby With Flat Hat, made the idea of staying here very appealing, but this is an opportunity Justin can't turn down. Nevertheless, it is kind of scary. I still have a lot of work to do before the end of the semester, and very little time to do it, which is why I haven't blogged much.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Holy Week

It has been very busy and sort of odd. In one day we went from thinking we would stay in Virginia for a few more years and looking for a place with more space to raise Baby With Flat Hat (and possibly his or her sibling(s)) to being almost certain we'll move next year. But not to New York. One state over, or up, depending how you look at it. Justin has unofficially received the best possible news he can receive on the law school front, but it means that we will, in fact, be moving this summer and having a baby in a new place, and spending a lot of money (ours or someone else's) on tuition. In a few years Justin should be able to do pretty much whatever he wants, including (hopefully) moving into a house in central Virginia or somewhere similar with space to raise Children With Flat Hats. For now, we will probably have to sacrifice a few things, including mild winters.

...Or that's what I thought, until I woke up this morning. This is going to be the coldest Easter Vigil procession EVER.