Tuesday, April 20, 2010


First of all, for those of you who have not seen my new Facebook profile picture: LAW PROM. Very exciting for a girl who didn't go to her senior prom.

We got a babysitter and a hotel room for the night. Apparently the hotel room was the subject of much gossip. To which: 1. Is it what you're thinking? OF COURSE it's what you're thinking. Duh. Like that stops when you have kids. (I was wondering if people really believe this when I discovered how stroller-unfriendly the nearest Victoria's Secret is. I'm pushing a toddler in a stroller; what need would I have to see the lingerie? I've mostly given up on VS for other reasons, to be summed up in two letters and two numbers: 34DD. Contrary to what you'd expect, not a very suitable establishment for the well endowed. Anyway.) 2. Think about it: do we really want to come home from a dance with an OPEN BAR at 2 AM and drive home the babysitter? No, we do not. Thus, we got a hotel room. And it was worth every penny. Justin also got me a corsage, a red rose, chocolate, took off my coat and opened the doors at all the right times, etc. Way better than that senior prom I didn't go to.

* * *

Auletta has been hiding garlic and shallots under her pillow. "Why?" I asked. "Because," she replied. Vampires? I don't know.

* * *

I have begun running, or alternating walking with very slow jogging, according to this plan. I always thought I hated running. I don't know that I like running exactly, but I now draw a distinction between a. running and b. seventh-grade gym teachers taking their class outside one day and telling them to run a mile and then giving bad grades to the wheezy dorks who couldn't do it.

* * *

Annoying things my child has been saying:


That things are "stupid."

"But MOMMY!" in an extremely whiny voice.

First two: do not say things you do not want to say your kids to say. It is true. The last one? Since I have not ever whined "But MOMMY!" in my child's hearing, she figured that one out for herself.

* * *

Graduation: May 24. 34 days. I know my friend Anne has been counting down the days her husband graduates from law school since he began. I can now count the days until Justin graduates without the use of complex calculations, astrolabes, etc. Also, we are beginning to receive gentle notes from student lenders reminding us that we will have to repay them. Yale actually has a loan repayment program for graduates earning below a certain amount, which will apply to us. The income threshold is the same for married couples, so this gives me incentive not to work, or not too much. Isn't that odd? I thought Yale would be more progressive about this, or maybe they're encouraging the husbands of their female graduates to stay at home with the kids. Yes, I'm sure that's it.

Thursday, April 08, 2010


The cherry trees in Wooster Square bloomed this week - Tuesday, to be exact.

I suspect they'll be well past their prime by the time the Cherry Blossom Festival rolls around next weekend, so I went out yesterday to take pictures with Auletta. It was in the mid 70s. My fingers are crossed this warmth wave won't be the last we'll see of summer till July, like last year.

Auletta will be two and a half on Saturday, so pretend I'm still taking pictures on significant baby birthdays the way I used to.

More pictures here.