Monday, May 25, 2009


Auletta is starting to use more recognizable English words. Yay! Here is what we have so far:

-Ball, cup, baby, and boo! as previously established (cup has morphed into "cuppy," maybe a conflation of cup and sippy?)
-"Bo-bo" or something like that for "belly button," to which we sometimes refer as "bee-bo" as per The Belly Button Book, which you must read
-Nose (pronounced "no," usually)
-Phone (pronounced "po")
-A fricative "ch" sound for "duck" (her version of "quack")
-In answer to "What does a lion say?": Roh!
-In answer to "What does a bee say?": Bizz
-Uh-oh! (which she learned from one of her toddler friends)
-Some approximation of "up," "down," "dog," "bird," and probably others I don't recognize yet

She also refers to every letter of the alphabet as "A!" I went to much effort to teach her to say A and eye, both of which she first pronounced as "eee," which is understandable because A and eye are both diphthongs and probably harder to pronounce. Now she pronounces both with great precision. Lacking subtlety, she also pokes us in the eye a lot.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

A selection of pictures from your blog hostess, who for once has been busier taking pictures than blogging

For some reason I went for a while taking fewer pictures and being less into photography than I was for a while. Maybe it's because winter in New Haven is so nasty (especially this last one) that there really wasn't much light or opportunity. Anyway, we are having a real spring now, and I am excited because I thought I had lost my flash for a month there, but fortunately I had left it somewhere and they still had it, so I am not flash-less, not that I need a flash now so much. Anyway, here is cute kid overload for you, in several parts.

I. The beach. We went last weekend with Justin's brother Whitney and some other students from the law school. Auletta brought her BALL, a new one her granny & co. got her.

II. Hanging out at the Ithaca Farmer's Market with Kate and Dylan from Bleisenblog.

III. Selling lemonade with her uncles.

More pictures on SmugMug. By the way, some anonymous person used my referral to open an account and saved me $10 on my upcoming renewal, so whoever you are, if you're reading this, thank you!