Sunday, April 10, 2005

Spam, spam, spam, spam!

I didn't know this till my dad and stepmother, who are visiting us this weekend, brought it to my attention, but in my increasingly amusing home state of Washington, Senate Democrats want to impose a tax on canned meat. Yes, a spam tax. Isn't that kind of regressive? Seattle did try to impose a ten-cent tax on espresso drinks a couple of years ago. The initiative failed. If it had passed and been statewide, a spam tax would be only fair, as it targets precisely the opposite demographic.

What will happen now? Will Eastern Washington secessionists throw a Spokane Spam Party? Will Fat Tuesday revelers find they can't afford to participate in Seattle's annual spam-carving contest? The potential fallout is mind-boggling.


Andrea said...

LOL Juliet! You make me feel like I really live under the radar or something ... I don't drink espresso, I drink good ole'fashioned black coffee, so no tax there, and I'm vegan, so no potted meat tax on me ...

You know, if they keep putting taxes on all these standard foods, then my organic, vegan, kosher-pareve, chanted-over-by-Buddhist-monks foods will no longer seem outragously expensive compared to the potted meat that gets taxed and the corndogs that get taxed and the french fries tax, etc etc etc :-)

Juliet said...

Let's see, how can we get you? How about a soy tax? Of course this is discriminatory toward Asians and vegetarians, not to mention Asian vegetarians, but since Asians and vegetarians make up the majority of Washington's residents, it's really not that bad. Tofu's pretty cheap, anyhow.

Want your food to be chanted over by Krishnas? I can get some Hare'd for ya right now. Hare Hare Rama Hare Hare Rama Rama Krishna.