Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Four days in Charlottesville

I'm staying with Chris and Heidi and mostly hanging out here, watching TV, eating junk food (it's so bad for you, but so good--I'm making up for ten months of a diet of crunchy organic fiber-rich everything), and of course getting to know eleven-month-old Madeline as honorary aunt. She took to me quickly. A baby likes me. I am cool.

Went to graduation (which apparently is called Finals? UVA has to call everything differently, like Grounds for campus and first-years for freshmen): the big ceremony on the Lawn, where I couldn't see anything anyway, so got a glimpse of the procession, grabbed a Frappucino at Starbucks on the Corner (mobbed), and sat in the Pav X garden, where I could hear the ceremony; then the religious studies ceremony, where I couldn't really see anyone because my contacts were swimming from tiredness. But I did see Andrea, and Mat Rose, and Don Polaski, which was enough to make me happy before I decided I was tired and there wasn't much point in being someplace where I might offend someone by not recognizing them at close distance.

The weather's been kind of snotty. When I called Justin a few days ago he said quite melodramatically that it was 90 degrees in Berkeley, which I doubt, because it rarely is, especially in May, but evidently it's decided to be extremely pleasant now that I'm not there.

Justin is getting along fine. Only ordered pizza once so far.

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