Monday, August 22, 2005

Friendster gives me warm fuzzies

I haven't used Friendster very much, partly because I always feel like an outcast if I compare my friend count to Justin's:

Juliet: 3
Justin: 24

Okay, most of Justin's friends are single and probably use Friendster for whatever its intended purpose is, while most of my friends (from Seattle, anyway) are married and have kids and all the friends they need.

But now my friend count is 4, because I looked up one of my friends from Seattle whom I haven't seen in several years, and she Friendstered (!?) me back! Her name is Michele, and she is one of those beautiful people with fabulous taste in music and cats and books, one of those people who makes you say, "I don't just want to be friends with her--I want to be her!" Due to the limitations of physics and biology, and no doubt Justin's objections, I cannot actually be Michele. But now I can bask in the radiance of her coolness, which will enrich my life beyond words. (Especially when Justin is still in Denver. Waah.)

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