Monday, January 30, 2006

Places where I don't get work done

I'm reporting from Alderman Library on grounds at UVA, where for the first time ever at this location I'm using my cranky old laptop to check email and do other things. We don't have Internet access at home, much to everyone's chagrin, including ours, but it means we get work done there. Only now I won't get anything done at the library.

I've outfitted our kitchen with a bookcase so I can keep all my cookbooks close at hand and have a place to put my stereo. The nice thing about having a kitchen that isn't an extension of the living room, as in my previous apartments, is that it's a real kitchen; the unfortunate thing is that our loud furnace is between the kitchen and the living room, so I can't hear anything in the rest of the house when the heat is on, and I think I'd like to have music when I'm cooking. I'm hoping that once we get all the furniture we need, once Justin can study up in the man-cave instead of the kitchen table, I can use the kitchen as a studying and cooking nest, writing my dissertation while waiting for my bread to rise. At least that is my dream.

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Deanna said...

That sounds like a good dream to me. My dream involves "helpers" who don't spill ingredients on the counter while I cook. :)