Saturday, August 05, 2006

Gray Pride

Here's an article on Slate by a woman who refuses to dye her gray hair. She's 49 and considers herself "prematurely gray." Based on my family history--my dad looks like Santa Claus, and has for a while, and my grandmother is visibly gray in pictures from her mid 30s--and the fact that I'm already getting some white hairs--maybe you haven't seen them, but Justin has--I am likely to be prematurely gray too.

Apparently most women dye their hair for a while when they start going gray, but secretly admire women who don't. And I won't, either because I like to be genuine, or because I am gray and proud, or because the only time I dyed all my hair (not just highlights) my ears itched like hell for two weeks. Or because my husband doesn't care. Take your pick. I still get carded after ten years of legal drinking and am often taken for a lot younger than I am, so I'm kind of looking forward to having a youthful complexion and silver hair, as long as my skin doesn't try to keep up.

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Andrew said...

This is a great site. I haven't had any readers ask me questions yet about relationships that are in their "gray pride" years but it would be great if that happened. You touch on lots of interesting and important issues.

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