Monday, December 11, 2006


When I was in elementary school, I was really interested in birds. I knew every species of bird that could conceivably appear in a suburban Northwestern backyard and did a science project on birds. Now I'm in a new place with different birds and decided it was time to get into birdwatching again.

(Aren't birdfeeders interesting? What an odd intervention in the cycle of nature, that we would feed birds for no other purpose than to look at them.)

The first bird I saw on the patio taking advantage of ambient scattered birdseed was a song sparrow. The first bird I saw actually using the feeder was a downy woodpecker.

The first birds I photographed were these house finches:

There are only two perches, so another finch was waiting to get a piece of the action.

And naturally, someone else showed up.

The squirrel tried all sorts of angles to get at the feeder but couldn't find one that worked. I felt sorry for it, so I put out some cornbread. Not that this cornbread turned out very well, so maybe I'm not doing it any favors.

The cats love the birdfeeder. I'm not sure they understand that if they stand right by the window drooling, it intimidates the birds. The squirrel doesn't care, though.

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Deanna said...

We hung up a block of bird suet in a little cage a couple of weeks ago outside of our front window (well out of the reach of the neighbor kitties), and we finally saw them getting a snack yesterday. Alexandra was so thrilled that she high-fived me. She was just so happy that she had given the birdies some food.