Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Live from somewhere else

I haven't been blogging the past week and a half because we've been away from home, first in Chapel Hill for Christmas with Justin's family, and now on the road in the Deep South, again, because that's how we roll.

Take note, everyone: When New Year's Eve is a Sunday, and you're planning on spending the night in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, you must buy your champagne before entering the state. Wait, it's technically illegal to bring in alcohol from another state, so really you're pretty much screwed . Oh, and if you're looking for a college town without a Barnes & Noble or Borders or any bookstore aside from Books-a-Million, go to Tuscaloosa. No wine and no books make Juliet and Justin very cranky.

Fortunately, we're making up for our dry New Year's in New Orleans. You can drink alcohol on the street as long as it's not in a glass container. And there are bookstores. And good coffee. And beignets. I didn't even know about beignets until last night, but now I'm not sure I want to live without them. Come spend your tourist dollars in New Orleans. The French Quarter is ready for you.


Laurie said...

Wow, New Orleans. I'm trying not to be jealous. My New Year's drinking was only slightly diminished by the fact that we're expecting baby #3 in late July! (Can you say "breeder"?)

Deanna said...

I've been to Tuscaloosa... that's where Jonathan and Mandy had their first apartment. At the very least, I could've hooked you up with good pizza. :)

Pagan Marbury said...

You have to get your champagne from the bootlegger. Being from out of town, you couldn't have known where to find him.

Juliet said...

Congratulations, Laurie! (And you're not a true-blue breeder till you have eight. Something to shoot for.)