Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Memo to college students

If you're going to plagiarize half your term paper from Wikipedia, the other half should be well-written enough that it isn't obvious the only way you could compose a complete, grammatically correct sentence is to copy it from someone else. We professors and teaching assistants may be too lazy to google every suspiciously elegant phrase, but we're not that stupid.

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Lauren said...

Or even better, why not just extract the entire wiki article... you won't even have to both with that pesky writing thing. And, be relaxed about it, leave in the links and references to "image 4.1," that's not suspicious or anything. Or, if you're afraid someone else may be doing the same thing, pull a British newspaper article, those guys always sound so smart, but avoid changing the dates or spelling of dialect words, after all nothing says smart like spelling everything with a few extra letters (and reverse structured dates)