Monday, September 24, 2007

The end is near. Maybe.

I am officially due this Saturday, September 29. I am unofficially due on October 3, this date based on my actually being present at the creation, which the doctors and the charts by which they calculate estimated due dates were not, so I think I am right. Either way, Baby With Flat Hat is going to come whenever she pleases, which I am guessing to be later rather than sooner, because she certainly never seems to tire of using my ribs as a footrest. Also as of last Tuesday I am not dilated or any of those other things you never wanted to know about my cervix. Also I think I can pretty honestly say I haven't had a contraction, Braxton-Hicks or otherwise, except maybe for a couple of times when I've tried to move heavy-ish stuff around the carriage house (don't tell Justin; or actually he knows, and I haven't lately).

I can see now why the last month of pregnancy invariably sucks. I can't really complain because I've had a good run so far. Complain about: the feet, which I think are throwing my back out so it's hard to sit upright for any length of time (makes going out to eat unpleasant); the pelvic pressure (to put it politely) which makes it excruciating to roll over in bed, which I have to do about twenty zillion times a night because of the aforementioned backache; and, um, actually the rest isn't that bad. I had awful heartburn for a while but then I discovered Tums around the same time that I think she moved her head down into my pelvis, which seems not to have made her want to move her feet but at least has taken pressure off my stomach.

I am guaranteed a baby by October 13 because I have been told I will not be allowed to go more than two weeks past my due date (the official one). Not that I want to be induced, but at that point I'll probably be ready for anything.

And if the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, this might be necessary. See, for example, her parents' track record:

Due August 18 (I think). Born September 5.
Due May 8. Born June 6. (Seriously.)

Today I wrestled with various rather important baby items I ought to have dealt with before, but I am so convinced this girl will be late that I've been lazy about a lot of things. The co-sleeper is now attached to the bed, and the carseat base to the car, although I am not sure how Justin and the baby can comfortably occupy the passenger side of the Corolla at the same time so I might have to start letting him drive more.

My dad is swinging through town tonight for dinner. I hope I can sit still that long. I had sort of hoped that I would have the baby this past weekend so he could meet his granddaughter, but then I would probably not be up for dinner.


Madame M. said...

Congratulations!!! She's almost here and then you'll be able to breathe (quite literally, but then not so much).

Cheering you on from the been-there trenches.

Anonymous said...

Oh honey, good luck. My son is 7 months old and it feels like I was pg years ago. Enjoy this time. Rest. Read magazines. Cause you cant do any of it after the kid is born!!! Big hugs for an easy delivery. And an epidural that takes (unlike mine).

Deanna said...

Heartburn = hair. New study out a month ago said that the same enzymes that cause heartburn in moms stimulate hair growth in babies. So, take comfort, the kid will have good hair right from the start!

Alexandra - due Dec. 23, planned to be induced Dec. 31, ended up in non-progressive labor Dec. 27th. Induction proceeded through fetal distress. She finally made it out. This will end, I promise.

I'm still voting for Friday!!

Juliet said...

Thanks you guys!

Well, as of this morning, I am still not dilated and her head isn't even fully engaged yet, so I think we have a while to go. Sorry, Deanna! (Her uncle Lehman's 11th birthday was yesterday--Justin called him in the evening and had to tell him that while it was possible she would arrive on his birthday, it was at that point highly unlikely. I think part of the reason she's taking her time is so she gets her birthday to herself. No sharing with uncles or honorary aunties.)

Meanwhile I'm trying to get stuff done and keep myself occupied with the books that aren't still packed in boxes I'm not supposed to move. I randomly packed one of the politics boxes so I think I'm set to read every book by P.J. O'Rourke ever published.

I am hoping heartburn = hair. I was bald for the first two years of my life, if you can believe it (I've made up for it since then). But I think Justin might have had hair from birth (also making up for that now) so she could inherit her hair from that side. She'd better get his eyelashes. Maybe her eyelashes are so lush it's those that are giving me heartburn!