Friday, November 16, 2007


After a trip up the food chain all the way up to Flippery Fish, I'm back to Multicellular Microorganism status. I'm not sure why I evolved and then devolved, but that was kind of fun.

Poop update: We got what we were waiting for yesterday evening. Auletta fussed but stayed fairly sanguine through the poop (which we didn't even notice at first, somehow), a rapid stripdown and wiping while being held upside down, and an emergency bath. "What does it take to get this kid to cry?" Justin asked. She eventually broke down, but we all survived and now we can look forward to another 1-6 days of pooplessness.

Whenever I've taken Auletta out for a walk, I keep thinking I should bring my camera to catch the light on the leaves. Then when I remember my camera there's not much sunlight. And now there are not many leaves. But still a few:

Auletta sports one of her many hats, this one lovingly knit by Anne and perfect for windy fall days:


Deanna said...

I was a Lowly Insect once. I think I've been a MM for at least a year or so now.

I can't wait to meet Auletta in person... any plans for heading west in the near future?

Juliet said...

We are almost definitely going in March over Justin's spring break (and I might be back in May, with or without Justin, for my cousin's wedding). We thought about going after Christmas, but the thought of flying during the holidays with a baby is not very appealing (especially coordinating the trip with a visit to Chapel Hill) (and especially after my trying experience back in June, which was not a peak travel time), and from talking to my parents it sounds like we're not obligated to come if it'd be too difficult. Actually Auletta is such an easy baby she would probably travel well, but it seemed weird to buy tickets before she was born, and now it's probably too late to get affordable ones. So, in short, March. I feel bad now that we didn't come last year for Christmas, but we didn't know we'd be parents a year later.