Tuesday, January 29, 2008


This picture is a little odd, but it might be the best example of Auletta's eye color right now. She was born with blue eyes, but they seem to be turning brown, from the inside out. This is what I would expect according to a nifty online eye color predictor, which gives our spawn a 50% chance of having brown eyes. So it looks like she'll be a brown-eyed girl like her mom--and probably vertically and visually challenged, too. SHA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA-LA TI DA!

But her eyes are very clear in that picture. Usually her eye color is sultry.

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Deanna said...

We are seeing the same thing with JT's eyes. He was a very blue-eyed boy for the first 18 months (though they were always a darker blue than his father's or sister's), but then they went really dark, almost slate grey. Then we were in Missouri and a random stranger complimented me on my handsome brown-eyed boy. HUH??? His eyes are definitely no longer blue - I'm calling them a hazel grey at the moment, but he does have that rim of brown right around the pupil that makes me wonder...

And yes, he was kind of old to be changing eye color. He's kind of old to be doing a lot of things, actually.