Thursday, April 10, 2008

Six months!

* * *

What, you thought I had pictures? No. But a new MacBook is on its way, so I will have lots of pictures soon. (The HP is back and has been working for all of 24 hours so far, but Justin's computer is terminally ill anyway so it will be nice to have two computers that aren't lame, if the HP lasts this time.)

Auletta is 15 1/2 lb. and 26 inches long. Both measurements, again, around the 50th percentile. Her head measurement (44 cm) puts her at something like the 85th percentile. We're going to start her on solids today, except she fell asleep, so hopefully she'll wake up soon and not be cranky so we can embark on the exciting adventure of real food, if rice cereal is real food. Justin's mom gave us a candle to put in her cereal. I'm not sure if rice cereal is thick enough for the candle to stay up, but we'll try.

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Deanna said...

If the rice cereal is thick enough to hold a candle, then it is WAY too thick. You've got to think rice gruel or rice soup for these first few forays into solid foods.

Happy eating, Auletta! :)