Monday, March 30, 2009

More getting out of the house

These are from Friday, when nice weather coincided with neither of us feeling terrible. I took these using an 85mm lens that I've had for a while but is finally fun now that Auletta is moving around and I can take pictures at some distance from her. As you can see, her favorite thing to collect is sticks, and her favorite activity is doing stuff with leaves and dirt.


Margaret said...

She looks so pensive!

Deanna said...

She's adorable. Too bad it's always too wet, rainy and dark when you visit us - she'd LOVE out backyard.

Deanna said...

OUR backyard. I need to go to bed. However, it's not as late here as Blogger says it is.

Juliet said...

Margaret, there are two funny (as in coincidentally funny) things about your comment:

1. Justin said the same thing when he saw these pictures.

2. Last night we were running lines for a YLS production of "A Man for All Seasons," in which Justin has the lead role (yeah, I know, he goes to law school to become an actor?), in which there is the following exchange:

Thomas More: You're very pensive.
Margaret (his daughter): You're very gay.

So--you look gay! I mean in the more archaic sense.

Deanna, if you ever need some indeterminate quantity of leaves moved from one place in your backyard to some other place you're not particular about, Auletta is your girl.

Deanna said...

How much does she charge per hour? :)