Monday, June 08, 2009

Auletta among the alumni

Auletta had a nice visit to the Cornell Law School alumni barbecue on Saturday. There was another occasion on Saturday, but we won't mention that. (Deanna, thanks for the card, and it should be noted that I am never too drunk to read, although I have been drunk enough to think I can read Persian.) By the way, everyone, we drank the Luckystone Red last night. It is awesome and if we were the sort of people who had a table wine, that would be it.


Deanna said...

Happy birthday again! Glad you got the card. :)

Auletta looks adorable as usual, though the Crocs look a smidge too big. We bought our two Keens for the summer, because they can ride bikes with those on. Would Auletta allow you to put a barrette or soft headband in her hair, or would she just pull it back out? Her hair's getting so tousled and curly that I think she'd be cute with something in it/holding it back. But I know that Alexandra at that age was constantly pulling stuff out of her hair as soon as my back was turned.

Juliet said...

I love Keens! I have a couple pairs, and maybe I'll get Auletta a pair next summer. The crocs were given to her when she was a baby, and if she were not so unusually tiny they'd fit her--they are a bit big, but she can put them on by herself (not necessarily on the right feet), and she's able to walk in them just fine, so they work well and at least I know they'll fit her all summer.

She rarely even lets me put a hat on her anymore (not sure how I tricked her into wearing one for those pictures last month), so I think any hairstyling is out right now. I am so glad she finally has hair, but it is getting unruly. Hopefully by the time it grows out a little more she'll let me do stuff with it.

Anonymous said...

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