Thursday, August 13, 2009

More beach pictures

Auletta finally worked up the nerve to wade a little bit yesterday, although every time a wave came too near her, she would quickly back up, point at the ocean, and yell "No no no no no!" But she was really enthusiastic about the bubbles.

Before I post the cute pics, I want to mention a few other cute things she's been saying:

  • "Gi-go" for "thank you," and also for "here you go." Sometimes if she wants to give me something she says "GI GO!" very insistently.

  • Anything she believes is hers, which is most things she gets her hands on, is MYS.

  • She also sings "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" all the time. Not that all the words are recognizable (I can hear "how I" and "up a"), but she definitely has the tune down, as much as any nearly two-year-old does.


Margaret said...

Whoa, off the shoulder! The little vixen!

Juliet said...

That's a nice way to put it! She has a narrow body and tiny shoulders, so the little spaghetti-strap tops and dresses I've bought her for summer keep falling off her shoulders. But they're so cute!