Thursday, April 08, 2010


The cherry trees in Wooster Square bloomed this week - Tuesday, to be exact.

I suspect they'll be well past their prime by the time the Cherry Blossom Festival rolls around next weekend, so I went out yesterday to take pictures with Auletta. It was in the mid 70s. My fingers are crossed this warmth wave won't be the last we'll see of summer till July, like last year.

Auletta will be two and a half on Saturday, so pretend I'm still taking pictures on significant baby birthdays the way I used to.

More pictures here.

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Deanna said...

Thanks to the unseasonably warm weather in February and early March, the Yoshino cherry trees all bloomed early around here this year. The Kwanzans are just starting now.

You really should think about having another baby, since you make them so cute. :)