Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tentatively back to blogging

I've tried to write a couple of comeback posts over the past almost-three years, and failed, I suppose because I felt like I had to sum up everything that's happened since then and, well, I can't. I'll try in a list in two bullet points.
  • I had a baby on November 25, 2011. His name is Lincoln. He is awesome. 
  • We moved, from Geneseo to Ithaca for a few months (lining Justin's family's already near-full nest with more kids), then to Salt Lake City (love it, miss it), then to Washington DC (love it, still trying to decide if it's forever love or just a short-term thing we might or might not regret later). 
I'm back because, while we have friends here, they're mostly in the unencumbered single/married but childless phase, and I need to feel more grounded here and meet people I have something in common with. So what better way than to sit in a room by myself and write a blog post in solitude like the introvert I am? And my old friends might want to see what I'm doing here with the kind of detail and relentless self-absorption that don't fit in Facebook status updates.

So, more to come, maybe.

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Chris (your cousin) said...

Wahoo! I'm glad you're back. :-)