Friday, March 18, 2005

Come and knock on our door!

I lived in Charlottesville for three years. In all that time I had a modest but functional sofa bed, yet nobody except Justin visited till I got married there and made our families and friends travel from all over the country to our beautiful little town. I told everyone (and I was right!) that it was a great place to visit, but I wasn't that persuasive, apparently.

One of the great things about living in the Bay Area is that everyone wants to visit us, although we're not always the main attraction. Justin's dad comes to San Francisco frequently on business. My friend Laura is spending the semester at the Graduate Theological Union just a mile or so from us. Justin's friends Joe and Charlie, who live in San Diego, visited a few weeks ago. My dad and stepmother are visiting in a few weeks. My friend Andrea's planning to visit a bunch of us who live out here in California. We hosted a prospective Berkeley student this past weekend. Our smarmy couch is seeing a lot of traffic.

And my sister and nephew flew through SFO on Monday on their way back from my nephew's great-grandmother's funeral (it was a Buddhist ceremony, which is why Ronel's head and eyebrows were shaved).

It's nice to have visitors.

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