Wednesday, April 26, 2006

We go to the gym. It kicks my butt.

Justin, who never does things by halves, decided to get a UVA gym membership, which is not the most economical thing to do at the end of the semester--it's the same price whether he does it January 20 or April 20, kind of like the workers who got paid a denarius whether they started at the crack of dawn or the eleventh hour--but whatever. We've been to the gym the last three days in a row. I am sore.

But I decided today, while sitting on the exercise bike next to Justin and reading about "the new media" in the Economist, that I like going to the gym with my husband. It's another thing we can do together, and since most of our shared activities are sedentary, it's good for us to do something together that involves, oh, being around other people, physical movement, that sort of thing. As a side benefit, I will probably lose weight and be able to slide comfortably into my summer clothes. I love summer, and my summer clothes, so that's good.

I drove Heidi and Maddie to the airport yesterday (they're visiting Seattle), and it was a beautiful drive between here and Gainesville (the rest is kind of boring): rolling pastoral hills, blue skies, leafy trees. I love spring in Virginia, when it's warm, but not so hot that it becomes hazy and sticky (although I don't mind that as much as other people seem to). I didn't really understand the appeal of the in-between seasons of spring and fall until I moved to a place where spring and fall (and winter and occasionally summer) equal rain.

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