Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Eat me.

I really try not to think too hard about some of the music we sing in choir, because I love our director and my fellow singers and I figure we all do this to the greater glory of God, so if the music is excessively chirpy, well, whatever. We also sing Mozart. But sometimes I can't help going into theologian-mode.

Tonight at choir practice we rehearsed a communion song that I think I've sung before but tweaked me for the first time. It goes like this:

I myself am the Bread of Life...

Direct quote from Jesus. That's cool.

You and I are the Bread of Life...

We are? I did not know that. Somehow I missed it despite having read John 6 about eleventeen zillion times.

Taken and blessed,
Broken and shared by Christ
That the world might live.

See, I had this weird idea that at the Eucharist, Christ is taken and blessed, then shared with us, so that we can go out into the world as partakers of Christ and bring the gift we have received to others. I guess maybe this song compresses that idea (but not very clearly)? Or something?

I just want to note here that if I am also the cup of the new and everlasting covenant, I want to be a nice Chianti. Or a Malbec. You can be a merlot.

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