Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Auletta's new skill

She can put her fist in her mouth. This gives her something to suck on, so I don't always have to pop the paci back in her mouth when it falls out.

She also smiles a lot now, not just at me but at everyone, and is starting to say things that sound like "goo" and "ga." She still cannot lift her head when she's on her tummy (she hates being on her tummy), which is a very basic thing babies are supposed to be able to do by the end of their second month, according to the baby books. Oh well.


Mme.Meow said...

Burn your baby books.

Herr Meow wouldn't tolerate being on his tummy AT ALL and would cry and rail and get really aggravated. All of a sudden, around the time he was four and a half months, he figured out how to roll over all by himself and much rejoicing was had until we realized that he wanted to practice at night. All night long.

Deanna said...

Yeah, neither of my kids were thrilled with tummy time either. But if she can lift her head in other positions - like if you're holding her on your chest, for instance - then she does have working neck muscles.

And she's starting to coo!! I can't believe that she's nearly two months old!!

Juliet said...

Thanks, ladies! Poor girl, I think whenever I put her on her tummy that she doesn't know what she's supposed to do, not having read the baby books. And it occurred to me that I rarely have reason to lift my head at a 45-degree angle while lying on my tummy. Anyway, her social and language skills are really coming along, which is more fun for me. It looks like she'll be a talker like her dad.

Lauren said...

Well, she's definitely looking a lot more "with it" now... regardless of head functionality.

That's one cute bebe.