Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nine months!

Okay, I wasn't that far off. I took these pictures yesterday, only a day after her nine-month birthday. I'll go back and do reunion pictures soon, Deo volente.

She reminds me a LOT of Grandma Sue when she looks serious like this.

Photos taken in Seattle, where grass dies in the summer.


Madame Meow said...

As if I needed to tell this to you, but she is incredibly adorable, and so expressive!

Deanna said...

Love the Gymboree wardrobe. They have a new line of clothes called "Petite Mademoiselle" that made me think of you... think lavender and blue and white, with Paris themes - like the Rome dress that she had from Gymboree. Tres chic.

Loved seeing you last weekend!! She's even cuter in person!

Juliet said...

My dad and sister bought Auletta even more Gymboree clothes last week, so I used the resulting Gymbucks to buy a bunch of Petite Mademoiselle clothes for next year (or whenever she wears 2T--she seems to be kind of on the tall side for Gymboree clothes so I figured they'd fit next summer/fall). And some other stuff. But the Petite Mademoiselle was high on the list. Very cute. Naturally I could not resist the beret. I'm thinking of finding some more of the Little Rome clothes on eBay too so she can be totally Eurobaby. The problem with Gymboree is that they're very good at getting you to buy more Gymboree. ;)