Friday, October 03, 2008

Closing in on one year

Auletta had her twelve month appointment today. Which did not include shots. I remember specifically asking the receptionist when I scheduled the appointment if it was okay for Auletta to get her shots a week before her birthday, and she said it was, but then the pediatrician said it would be best to wait until after her birthday, in case she has a picky school district down the line that doesn't count the shots because she got them too early. Oh well, we'll just go back in a couple weeks.

Here are the stats: Auletta is 18.5 lb. and 28 inches and has a 46.5 cm head circumference. (Somehow I cannot spell circumference today.) That puts her, oh I'd have to look at the chart, but like 85-90th percentile head circumference and maybe 25th percentile height/weight. I asked the pediatrician if her petite size was okay, and she said as long as Auletta's height/weight proportionate, she's fine and she can put that in a personal ad. Just kidding about the last part. So all is well and she gets to be poked another time.

UPDATE: More like 10th percentile height/weight. Anyway. I am a little worried about clothes because I had expected her to outgrow all her 6-12 month stuff around this time, but it all fits except for a few onesies that won't go over her brainy head--and it's all summer clothes, which are rapidly becoming inappropriate, or rather the weather is rapidly becoming inappropriate for them. I need to get out her 12-18 month clothes, most of which I bought last year, since they're winter clothes, but I'm afraid they'll be big on her. I was expecting the fact that she was born around the time the seasons change to work out as far as clothes go, and it did until last spring, but her growth has slowed down since then. That's fine, since she's healthy and that's what matters, but all her cute holiday clothes I bought last year are looking kinda big right now--except for this really cute Fair Isle knit hat, which I think is too small (but it's Gymboree, easy to find on eBay in a larger size).

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