Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ten months!

Auletta, as you would expect, turned eleven months after she turned ten months, but her mom, as you would expect, took forever to process her ten-month pictures. Ahem. I am afraid I did not do justice to the dress Deanna and family gave her--I might have to break it out again for her first birthday, if it's not too cold by then (we'll be partying in Ithaca). The pictures were tricky because I took the first batch in bright sunlight (always always always a bad idea, no matter how often I forget), so I scooted Auletta to a bench in the shade, but then she was completely distracted by an utterly fascinating flock of PIGEONS and refused to smile at the camera, so she has weird expressions on her face when she's bothering to look at me at all. Okay, but here goes:


Deanna said...

Aww... I like picture #3. I have good taste. :)

Juliet said...

You do! Oh, I forgot to mention, she hasn't been able to wear the sunglasses because of her enormous head. Sorry about that.