Monday, July 13, 2009

In which my daughter tries to feng shui me

Except for a twinge of jealousy I had a few days ago when I found out one of Auletta's friends, who is not quite a year and a half old, is starting to learn the alphabet--Auletta used to think every letter was A, and now thinks every letter is whatever I told her the last letter was--I am more than happy with Auletta's language development now. She has busted out of the world of nouns and is starting to use verbs, such as "walk," "nurse" (soon to become obsolete), "throw," and "move." Auletta's favorite hobby now is demanding that I move to whatever location she has determined appropriate. At the playground, she has me go on the swing and slide while she watches. Also, in anticipation of being left for a week, she insists I carry her everywhere.

Despite my attempts at avoiding cute diminutives, we say "cuppy," "uppy," and "doggy." But the word acquisition continues apace, so I can't complain. Except she calls the ceiling fan "fries" for some reason. Maybe because she likes it. We were pretty convinced she was repeatedly saying "I love fries" when we were at the Greater Schwabs a week or so ago and, um, feeding her fries. She knows "apple," "cheese," and "Cheerio," too, so we're not just feeding her junk food.

But surely you are here for the pictures!

This is with my Aunt Gloria. I am posting this one just so you don't miss Auletta sticking her finger up her nose.


BenMc said...

That last picture reminds me of Sam. We were just taking a big family reuinion picture with everyone in it. When I went through them all there was one that had literally 20 perfect smiles (one sleeping baby) and then right in the middle, Sam with his finger in his nose up to the knuckle ... just makes the whole picture doesn't it?

Deanna said...

Methinks that one little girl is acquiring a bit of a summer tan!