Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More sentences

I am away from Auletta for a week :( :( :( (I'm at Syracuse, more than that later), but apparently she now stands outside the bathroom and says "I gotta pee." And who knows, maybe she does; she's still in diapers, obviously. "I gotta pee" and "I love fries" are both subject + verb sentences, so that is cool, but bodily functions and fatty foods, hmm.


Margaret said...

Ha, that is too cute! Did you know I potty trained myself? My mom can tell you all about it. ;) Do you think she's mimicking you/other adults when she does that?

Deanna said...

I'm all for a kid who is in tune with their body. Alexandra was like that. JT, not so much. At all.

Juliet said...

I suspect when she says "I gotta pee" that she's mimicking us (esp. me) more than expressing that she's In Tune With Her Body. But maybe she's more ready to potty train than I think! If she potty trains herself, that would be awesome.