Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Oh, ah, oops.

I didn't post for all of May. Wow. Rest assured, Auletta did start solids, although she seems to have forgotten that now as I can barely get her to eat every baby's perennial favorite, applesauce.

We moved about a month ago to a new apartment near Wooster Square, New Haven's Little Italy. Back to our roots, Auletta and I. We are a block away from what's supposed to be some of the world's best pizza and also an Italian deli and bakery. And within walking distance of Starbucks, although that's farther. So Auletta and I have gone on walks every day it's been nice, which is becoming more often. New Haven only has three or four good months, but they're really good.

Auletta is cutting her first tooth now, so she's kind of a pill, at least compared to her normal self. I hope this explains the lack of interest in solid foods because otherwise I am going to be nursing round the clock for a long, long time.

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