Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bumper stickers I have known

I was at the Toyota dealership today (long story, but to summarize: Driveway 3, Schwabs 0), and I saw a Prius with a couple of bumper stickers: "Republicans for Voldemort," natch, and "Draft SUV Drivers First." Isn't the second one kind of piling on? I mean, you're already driving a Prius, which along with Apple ownership (um, yeah, my other computer is a MacBook) carries a reputation of smug superiority. (Not to knock hybrids; if someone just up and gave me a hybrid Camry, I'd be totally stoked. My dream car used to be a Civic hybrid, but I'm starting to realize that a compact car like our Corolla is not necessarily the best choice if you have more than one carseat, which we might someday--not making any promises or breaking any news in the near future, just saying.)

Oh, and man, I just remembered it was a green Prius. Really I think those bumper stickers are pretty redundant and you might as well save space on your bumper for "My cat didn't make the honor roll" which is much more clever anyhow (my favorite bumper sticker ever, at least before I had a kid who I am certain is Above Average).

A couple of days ago I saw an oldish-looking bumper sticker that said "I'm a Real Democrat!" which I'm assuming is some kind of Ned Lamont thing, but I wasn't here for that so I'm not sure. Real Democrats propose, the general electorate disposes. We strategically planned our residency in Connecticut so we won't vote in a senatorial election, unless for some reason I do not wish to contemplate we stay in this state past the summer of 2010, so y'all real Democrats can figure out what you want to do with Chris Dodd. Don't envy you that one.

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