Monday, April 20, 2009

Cherry Blossom Festival

We're coming up on one year living in New Haven's Wooster Square neighborhood, which I was reminded of because we just went to our second Cherry Blossom Festival in the square. This time last year we had started the lease on our new place but hadn't moved in yet. Justin was busy with law school stuff, but Auletta and I went, ate pizza, and walked around the square.

She wore appropriate shoes for the occasion.

I thought I had posted pictures from when we went last year, but I checked my archives and I was wrong. So here you go.


Deanna said...

We missed the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Seattle Center this year. (Boo.) I had Regionals on Friday and Eric's parents came up on Saturday. I just don't think it's as much fun anymore since they tore down the Flag Pavilion and shoved nearly all the fun things into the Center House with all the crowds of people trying to eat.

As always, Auletta has the cutest outfits!

Margaret said...

Love the outfit!

You make New Haven look livable, although when you described it to me before it certainly didn't sound so. I guess spring is nice everywhere.

Juliet said...

Thanks for the compliments on Auletta's outfit! It's a combination of things her great aunt and her granny have bought her.

Margaret, there are basically two nice neighborhoods in New Haven within reasonable distance of Yale. Wooster Square is one, and it's certainly livable, but insular (bounded by the train tracks and a couple of highways). The problem with the nice neighborhoods in New Haven is that to get anywhere else, you have to go through neighborhoods with a lot of poverty and post-industrial blight, so it does inhibit us from leaving our little niche. But we have cherry trees, pizza, and a fun little playground, so I guess I shouldn't complain too much.