Friday, March 31, 2006

What happens when you Google yourself

(That sounds kind of kinky.)

Apparently I am the main character in an upcoming British novel, Rainbow's End:

Juliet Crawford is a brilliant and beautiful young orchestra conductor, living in Edinburgh, and dreaming of success. When she is offered the chance of a lifetime to get ahead with her career, with the incredible possibility of permanently leading a prestigious American orchestra, she decides nothing will stand in her way. But it is there that she meets the handsome young Czech conductor Karel Haken. As the attraction between them builds to a crescendo, she knows their ambitions will always push them apart. Does she dare to love him despite everything?

Do I dare to suggest I vaguely resemble the woman on the cover of this page-turner, with her sultry eyes, luscious eyebrows, and dark wavy hair?

No. My nose is much bigger. But I have been known to stick flowers up it.

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