Monday, October 15, 2007

About her name

Auletta is my mom's last name. Justin has three siblings whose last names are family surnames, so we decided to continue that tradition. Ruth is Justin's Gomma, who is still hanging in there. She got to see pictures of her great-granddaughter this weekend, thanks to the miracle of email and digital cameras.

The birth certificate lady had to check on us three days in a row before we totally made up our minds. We've been calling her Auletta since we found out she was a she, but as her due date approached we started wondering if we really wanted to be spelling her name for everyone (and making her have to spell it) in aeternam. We thought of switching her first and middle names. But we realized several things: 1. We were already calling her Auletta. 2. Word had spread to my mom's family that her name was Auletta. 3. It makes a lot more sense, if we're already calling her this unusual name, to give her a normal middle name she can use if she hates her weird first name than to give her a normal first name and call her by her weird middle name.

And anyway, Ruth might become popular again, but there is no chance our daughter will have three classmates with the same name. Someday I'm going to write a post ranting about some of the names that are trendy these days.


Helene said...

If you ever start wondering if you have given your baby too weird of a name, go read the newspaper and you'll feel better. People have some REALLY weird names even in the US! Auletta has a nice story behind her name, and like you say, she can always go by Ruth if she wants. I have to admit getting tired every now and then of explaining and pronouncing Benaiah's name over and over. Maybe I should have named him Benaiah-rhymes-with-Isaiah-and-was-one-of-King-David's-mighty-men-in-the-Bible. Whew! This Saturday my brother-in-law told me about a new baby at his church that is named Benaiah. Of course that baby's parents pronounce his name completely differently! Oh, well... :)

Annie ~ اني said...

Congratulations!! Auletta is beautiful both in name and appearance...she and Dylan can hang out and commiserate if they get mocked.