Sunday, October 21, 2007

The great-grandclerk

We took Auletta on her first road trip this weekend. On Friday afternoon we drove to an inn in the Catskills, about three hours away from New Haven, where we had dinner with a group of people associated with Cornell Law School and Sandra Day O'Connor. Justice O'Connor was there to go fly fishing the next morning before heading to Ithaca for a visit to the law school next week.

Justin's dad clerked for O'Connor in the early '80s. So Justin is one of the original grandclerks. She now has two great-grandclerks, Auletta, and a boy who's about four months old. Both of them were there. Justice O'Connor assured us that Auletta is beautiful.

Auletta handled the trip really well, which I hope bodes well for our holiday travels.


Deanna said...

So, you believe it when a former Supreme Court Justice says it, but if I say she's beautiful...

Just kidding. ;)

Kate said...

she is adorable..(the baby..Justice Sandra Day O'Connor looks cool too..)