Monday, May 01, 2006

Quote from yesterday's homily

This is for Andrea:

"St. Mechtild of Magdeburg, to whom I know you all have a particular devotion..."

She wrote this:

When are we like God? I will tell you.
In so far as we love compassion and practice it steadfastly,
to that extent do we resemble the heavenly Creator
who practices these things ceaselessly in us.

Homily here
. I should note they record the 9:30 mass, but the 11:30 is usually better because there are fewer children (I don't mind them in person, but they're really loud in audio) and Father Gregory seems to pick up steam between masses.

(I initially wrote that they "tape" the mass, but then I realized that they probably don't. Isn't that weird? I feel so old now.)

It was about love, which seems like it'd be played, but there can never be too much said about love. This was a good homily, because I remembered it afterwards, and it gave me something to chew on. For example:

"Are we so zealous in defending a principle that we are not sensitive to the person with whom we are in disagreement?"

Yes. Which is why I'm taking a break from getting into debates on other people's blogs.

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