Sunday, May 28, 2006


We are headed out tomorrow for a month-long road trip.

The itinerary, roughly: South to Chapel Hill to spend two days with the Schwabs and Weatherlys. Then westward to Denver, more or less directly: through Tennessee, to Little Rock, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, and then through the pretty parts of northern New Mexico--Taos again--and to Denver to see John. Then we'll wend our way ever westward through southern Utah and northern Arizona (Canyonlands again), or maybe Nevada (Great Basin?), out to Berkeley for a day or two to touch base with classics folk. Then north to Seattle to see my family for the first time since Thanksgiving. Then eastward, through Havre, Montana, where my grandfather grew up, and then either we'll turn south and go east through Wyoming and states at that latitude, or keep following the Great Northern through North Dakota, St. Cloud, Minnesota (the Schwabs' ancestral home), and so on, depending on how much time we have left before returning to Charlottesville to celebrate Deacon Chris's tenth anniversary at Incarnation.

(And THEN we'll go to the Schwabs' lake house on the VA/NC border! Anyone wanna catsit for really cheap? Well, we have a catsitter lined up, but this'll add up.)

Pray for a safe journey, and that gas doesn't get any more expensive.

We'll have a laptop with us, so as opportunity and wireless hubs allow, I'll blog our journey and hopefully post pictures.


Deanna said...

Well, call when you get here! :)

Laurie said...

Please come see us too! If you don't have our contact info anymore, you can find Ben through his employer's web site.