Thursday, September 11, 2008

Eleven months!

I did take ten-month pictures, but those are in a black hole along with the reunion pictures, road trip pictures, Vineyard pictures, and Ithaca pictures I haven't processed yet.

This one is not a great picture because she's not looking at the camera, but it is the first picture I have of her STANDING! I put her down on the grass and she just stood there like a real hominid long enough that I managed to take a picture of it.

Her other tricks include playing peek-a-boo (I'm never sure how they define these things, but I mean that she will hide, or do what she thinks is hiding, behind a book or blanket or whatever's handy while I ask, "Where's Auletta?"), clapping, and waving her index finger in the air while delivering orations that have all the cadences and structures of real language, except they're unintelligible. Oh, but probably not for long.

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