Tuesday, September 02, 2008

On the Vineyard

Okay, enough politics. This is 2008, which means it's an election year--NO! it means my daughter's growing like a weed and this is a mommy blog, and I have so many pictures to catch up on that you're going to be baby-ed out by the time I'm done.

We spent a week and a half on Martha's Vineyard in August while Justin was doing a research project. Really. So, here is Auletta on the Beach, Take 2. Observe the cute swimsuit from Super-Auntie Dawn.

Chilling on the sand with Dad.

Taking a dip with Mom. Note that she is okay with sand (she was eating it earlier and saying "num," so she must like it) but is not really sure about this ocean thingy.

The ocean is best viewed from Daddy-height.

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