Monday, September 08, 2008

Sarah Palin rumors

A roundup. Some are true, some are not. For anyone who stumbles on this, please for the love of God try to get your facts straight before perpetuating rumors. There are enough facts for you to have a field day with.

(Via Instapundit, who is giving me a lot to play with. If you're a liberal and reading this, yes he's conservative, but please give him a chance; he's very sane.)

(Drat, I have turned this into a politics blog. If this "Sambo beat the bitch" thing turns out to be verifiably true I will recant everything.)


Christina (your cousin) said...

No worries about recanting! Check out this post:


Deanna said...


anOCgirl said...

as a hardcore dem, i seriously doubt the 'sambo' comment is true and have read from various left leaning blogs that it is likely to be false.

Juliet said...

Je ne regrette rien!

I was skeptical because:

1. if so many people were present, how come nobody else came forward?
2. if "Lucille" wanted to be taken seriously, why would she share her story with a left-wing blogger instead of someone in the mainstream media?
3. why would Palin say something that stupid?

Also, I like to think she's not racist.

So, yay.

Juliet said...

By the way, Sarah Palin bans books BEFORE THEY'RE EVEN WRITTEN because she's just that evil.