Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Where is the love? (One more political post and then I'm for real done)

For a long time this election was about how much people loved Obama, which if somewhat vapid at times was inspiring and happy-making and fun to watch even from my more conservative standpoint, because honestly as much as I have always admired McCain and have been banging my head against a wall for the past eight years that he wasn't nominated in 2000, I would feel a certain kind of warmth if we were the kind of country that could elect a black person president--not that it would exorcise all our racial demons, but it would be a start. And I admire Obama as a person (his first book especially is splendid) and enjoy listening to him, so even if I disagree with what he says I like hearing it from someone who's a good public speaker. For a long time I thought a campaign between the two people who are the most approved-of members of their respective parties (according to polls that show Bush's approval rating under 30% and Congress' under 10%) would be a decent campaign, one that would not give me the feeling of nails on a chalkboard with every debate, every campaign ad, every soundbite.

Well, that's over.

Now it's about how much people HATE HATE HATE Sarah Palin. And, okay, you are entitled to that. But 1. why use up every possible invective in the first two weeks after she's nominated? You've got seven weeks to go and I don't know what else you can possibly say, although I'm sure you'll think of something. 2. Last time around, you hated the opposing candidate more than you loved your own candidate. And how did that work out for you?

And by the way, rumors to the contrary notwithstanding, McCain is not actually dead yet and he's still at the top of the opposing ticket. You can't run against Bush, because I'm not falling for the "McSame" stuff and I don't think a lot of other independents or pseudo-independents like me are either. Suddenly, after all these years of grudging respect, you hate him and equate him with Bush. Equating BUSH with Bush didn't work out that well, so, again, what the heck? Isn't this the definition of insane? Even if it's not insane, it's annoying and I'm tired of it.

I'm sick of politics already in September, and I'm the sort of person who's interested in politics. That's how bad it is.

Democrats, I know you love Obama. Show the love. The hate-side of you isn't that pretty, and if polls are right I'm not the only one who thinks so.

(A post much inspired by Madame Meow.)


Daniel said...

It is amazing how the hate spigot got turned on. And lets face it, as the Gov of Alaska, there wasn't much to start with at the beginning. It is not attractive to be taking this tact, and definitely not a good plan when you are trying to undermine the person on the bottom of the ticket, not the person that people will be electing (hiny, it's the person whose name is listed first on the ballot)

Madame Meow said...

Why I am flattered to be an inspiration, but I must tip my hat to you: you have expressed my feelings spot-on. Go you!

Deanna said...

You rock. :)

Now, if you don't post those promised 10 month pictures in the dress we gave her, I will not send you cute Gymboree dresses anymore! ;)

Juliet said...

Thanks, all!

Photoshop's on the new computer. Which Justin has appropriated. That is why I have a two-month backup of pictures. Hopefully I will get to them before Auletta's first birthday, but I know better than to make any promises. (I do want more dresses, though! I mean for Auletta, not for me.)