Monday, July 24, 2006

Phoebe in action!

Sometimes, shutter lag works out for the best, purely by accident. I was trying to take a picture of Phoebe while she was lolling about on the floor. Mere moments later:

Pardon my cluttered living room floor. It was clean a week ago, I swear.

I finally got the battery cover fixed on my "old" (Christmas 2003) digital point-and-shoot camera. Justin's parents gave it to me before we were even married, because I had it on my Amazon wish list. I decided maybe I should put less expensive things on my wish list after that. The battery door cracked the day I got it, which ordinarily I would blame on myself for forcing it, but a minute of googling turned up other people who had the same issue with the older Kodak Easyshares, so I'm not alone. I'm glad I did it, because Justin took thousands of pictures out the car window on our trip, and let's just say that nobody can really take a high percentage of keepers out of a moving car, so I'd rather he just wear out the shutter on the older camera.

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