Thursday, November 06, 2008

Around Wooster Square, part 1

I like our neighborhood. Ever since we moved here, I've had much more positive feelings about New Haven. This is a great area to have a baby--there are parks to walk around, we're a block or two away from a couple of playgrounds, there's some of the best pizza in the world right down the street--oh, wait, that has nothing to do with the baby. Oh well. I keep thinking I should take a camera along on my walks, so I did a couple of days last week, and I'll post pictures in installments when I don't have anything else to write about.

Today: leaves.


Deanna said...

The fall colors around here were pretty lovely this year. However, between the wind and rain they are almost all mush on the ground now.

Hey, you have the same stroller that we do! It's actually stroller #2 for us - stroller #1 was also a Maclaren, but was never the same after my sister-in-law ran over it with her minivan. We bought #2 just before going to Disneyland.

Juliet said...

I LOVE our stroller. We've used it practically every day since Auletta was six months old. I'm glad to hear it works for older kids too. I will have to keep it from the back end of minivans.