Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I am in Ithaca and haven't had much time to blog lately, what with being in transit, and then before that having a rather sick and extremely clingy baby inhibiting normal movement. But when she is not being clingy, Auletta is starting to figure out this walking thing and today walked seven steps on her own at one stretch, plus a few shorter jaunts. So I am going to call this walking at a nice even 13.5 months.

This is also, oddly and unrelatedly, the tenth anniversary of my first kiss. Do the math and that is still about ten years later than most normal people. Oh well. I once imagined writing an oblique, melancholic post about the state of my love life in 1998, but perhaps it is best forgotten. 1998 is the year I have marked in my mental almanac as The Year That Just Sucked, following 1997, The Year That Went Awry, which was not so bad as it was surreally amusing. I stopped naming years after that, although I do have June-August 2002 down as The Best Summer Ever, because Rome + true love = yay.

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Deanna said...

Those are good titles for those years. As I recall, it worked for most of us girls.

Congratulations on Auletta's steps! Your life as you knew it is now over.