Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Back home

I don't know if NaBloPoMo is supposed to consist of a month's worth of short entries that exist just for the sake of fulfilling a quota. Oh well. I am tired again from driving much of the day. I met Madame Meow and young Herr Meow for this first time this morning at the Building Zone in the National Building Museum, which I think is now one of my favorite spots in DC. I told Justin I like DC, and he was surprised because I hate driving there. Which I do. But I love walking there. For a city of its size, it is eminently walkable, being fairly flat--Capitol Hill is barely a hill for a girl from Seattle--and there are all sorts of interesting places to visit, many of them free. I think it's the only major American city I would want to live in just as much as I'd want to live in a small, isolated college town. Well, almost. No, really I'd take the college town. But I can see us living and raising a family in DC much more than I can imagine us living for any length of time in San Francisco, or NYC (gack!). We just couldn't ever drive anywhere. But, yes, I met Madame Meow, which is the first time I've met someone in real life whom I first encountered in the blogosphere, and we had a lovely time, and I think we had the cutest and best-behaved children in the whole place.

Auletta is asleep and Justin specifically gave me this time to blog, but I am SO TIRED that I don't know if I can keep stringing sentences together.

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Deanna said...

Yes, trying to describe the Seattle concept of "hills" is not an easy one. Unless you've either walked or driven one.

Am enjoying delicious chocolate from someone who cares about me... :)