Sunday, November 02, 2008

Road trip: Maine, part 2 (Acadia)

I set out at sunrise to take pictures at Acadia, which was not so unpleasant with the later sunrise and our proximity to the park.

Jordan Pond:


Bubble Pond:

Later in the day, Justin and I drove the loop road around Acadia.

Sand Beach:

Thunder Hole (not the hole part, but on the same part of the shoreline--too many Germans in the way to get a good picture of Thunder Hole itself):

Then we drove along Soames Sound, the only fjord on this side of the Atlantic (! I think, at least in the US), to watch the sunset:

And I love this picture:

The next day, before going home, we returned to the park to drive up Cadillac Mountain, which I described earlier. Here are a few more pictures:

Bar Harbor from the top of the mountain:

And Auletta is tallest of all.

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Deanna said...

Are you scrapbooking these? You should. Some of these are even art-show worthy. If I had pictures like these from trips, I'd get them printed and framed.