Sunday, November 30, 2008

Farewell, November

Ah, so much for NaBloPoMo and my grand ideas.

We are finishing up a long and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend in Ithaca. I came down with a cold that I got from Auletta that she (I suspect) got from Erik, so I spent much of the weekend in zombie mode. This morning I had the extreme pleasure of sleeping in, thanks to Justin and other available babysitters, so I feel somewhat better than I had previously. Auletta, having recovered from a sleepy cranky Monday, spent the rest of the week working on her skillz and is now a professional toddler. Another new trick to show off to the librarians at storytime, and another way to evade listening to actual stories.

Auletta was madly in love with Whitney when he visited us a few weeks ago, but now she likes exactly three people: me, Justin, and her nine-year-old uncle Harry. Nobody else can make her happy, not even her granny. Well, we'll just see who's the coolest relative at Christmas.

I have pictures but I've been too sick to edit them, so you'll just have to wait.

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